Know little difference between the blinders and curtains

Blinds are traditional window coverings that are widely used in homes and businesses across the country. They can be closed to restrict light and provide privacy, or opened to allow light in and provide a view of the outside. Know the difference between blinds and curtains.

Blinds are among the most affordable window treatments. If you are on a tight budget and want to replace your window coverings, blinds may be the best alternative. Blinds are simple to repair. Because blinds are made up of individual slats, they are easily fixed if they become broken.


Curtains are often constructed of lightweight materials and are intended to lend a decorative touch to windows. Curtains, as opposed to inside-mounted blinds and shades, are put completely outside of windows and may cover simply a small amount or a considerable portion of them. Many curtains are rather short, simply reaching the bottom of the window sill, whereas others are floor-length.

Curtains shield your blinds and shades. If you already have blinds or shades and add curtains, you may find that your existing window coverings last longer and require less maintenance and cleaning if it is closed. While you still need to dust them on a regular basis, curtains are simple to remove just slide them off the rod and shake off outside.

Curtains can be used to complement and enhance your blinds and shades. If you are looking for curtains that are merely cosmetic because you already have blinds or shades on your windows, you will be pleased to hear that curtains are an excellent way.